Welcome to Our Lady of Consolation Parish!

Spotlight Event!

Mary Celebration on Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2016 at the 11am Mass

Celebrate the Parish Crowning of our Blessed Mother at the 11AM Mass on Mother's Day, May 8th. This Mass will mark the formal end of the PREP Program for the season. Flowers will be available in the vestibule after Mass to take home or put in vases in front of the Shrine of the Blessed Mother.


Our Lady of Consolation Parish is a territorial parish formed from the former St Leo the Great Territorial Parish and Our Lady of Consolation Italian Personal Parish.
The joining of our two parish families has produced great spiritual and community growth.
We are creating a faith-filled and dynamic parish for all of our Tacony parish family!

Our Parish Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring seekers to faith, to deepen the faith of believers and to serve all in the name of Jesus Christ.